Arnold Schwarzenegger Hungry TShirts

Soon after The Arnold Collection was launched our graphic designer Mark Goudie made a design for “Staff Only” T-shirts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger TshirtWe had them printed and put them on whilst at the Arnold Sports Festival Australia…. And we got inundated with requests like “Hey bro where did you get that sweet T-shirt?” or “Ill buy that T-shirt off you right now for $50 – just swap t-shirts with me!”.

So we realised that it was a winner!

Soon after that we needed to stop selling the T-Shirts for a while so we took them offline. Now we are back and this time we decided to release the ones people were constantly asking about – we call it the Stay Hungry T-Shirt.

Below is a heap of Merch we created to give the fans of this design a chance to have it the way they want it. We hope you enjoy it!

Scott Nailon