Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this legal?

A. Yes, what we are doing is 100% legal. Robert Nailon owns the rights to the photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger which he photographed himself and on occasion bought the negatives / photo rights. Robert Nailon extends the rights to his photographic collection to his son Scott Nailon for use in TheArnoldCollection only. These images are not licensed for use outside of TheArnoldCollection.

Q. Can I use images from TheArnoldCollection on license to create my own products?

A. No, the images on this website and our products are copyright to Robert Nailon and exclusively extended to TheArnoldCollection for use on our site and products. It is a policy of TheArnoldCollection and of Robert Nailon now to allow our images to be used by others.

Q. Can I set up a relationship with TheArnoldCollection which allows me to buy in bulk at wholesale rates in order to sell your products on my site or in my physical store?

A. This option is not open right now, although it may become an option in future, if interested please contact us to register your interest.

Q. May I use images off this website on my own hobby website about Arnold?

A. Absolutely! How ever we do ask you to give us some love by linking back to the page you got the image from! We may even add your link to our blog page in an article or on a page dedicated to other Arnold sites!

Q. Why are your poster and memorabilia products so expensive in comparison to products found in eBay?

A. Our products are official ‘TheArnoldCollection’ products. Most of the products which are found in eBay are cheap copies which are not licensed by those selling them. Our merchandise is made by us using the photographs taken or owned by Robert Nailon himself. Products will be both limited edition and mass production products. Watch for the numbered products as they will be worth a sizeable amount of money one day.

Q. We have a charity fundraiser coming up, can you do something special to help us raise money for our cause?

A. We take submissions on an individual basis and assess our ability to deliver what you need, contact us to chat some more.

Q. I have an idea for a product, would you consider creating it?

A. Sure, although we assess our belief in the concept and reserve the right to either reject your idea or mass produce it, at the end of the day our aim is to ensure Arnold’s name is being upheld and respected whilst still delivering top quality products to the industry.

Q. I saw you selling posters at an expo once, is there a way to get some of those at a great price just like the expo?

A. Yes, join our mailing list and we will let you know when and where the next event we will attend will be. We some times product large amounts of products at a cheaper rate in order to pass on a great saving to our customers who attend such events.

Q. Can I pay by credit card?

A. Yes we have the ability to take credit card through either eWay or paypal.