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Robert Nailon and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Robert Nailon and Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1972

Finally Robert Nailon’s vault of Personal Arnold Schwarzenegger photos are being opened to the public!

Robert Nailon & Arnold Schwarzenegger first met in 1972 when Bob Bruce first flew Arnold into Australia for a bodybuilding exhibition.

When Arnold arrived at Sydney Airport Robert went out with his girlfriend and movie camera. He didn’t know at that point that Arnold had seen photos of Robert in the English bodybuilding Magazines.

When Arnold saw Robert he said “Hi Robert” and from then on an honest and sincere friendship started, one which led to many great memories and the taking of many great photographs of Arnold!

For the first time ever you can now purchase images taken directly from Robert’s Personal Collection as framed memorabilia! Don’t miss out on this important piece of Australian Bodybuilding history!