Arnold Schwarzenegger Posters

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These are the Authentic 200GSM posters printed by ‘The Arnold Collection’ on behalf of Robert Nailon the photographer. They were taken in the 1970s whilst Robert and Arnold were spending time together. Robert was Sydney’s go-to guy in the Bodybuilding Golden era.

Robert was widely known for looking after other bodybuilders who came in from overseas. Robert was always at the airport to pick up Arnold and other bodybuilders to take them to their hotels, dinner or even directly to the gym!

The size is A1, which is defined below in imperial and metric.

  • 594 mm x 841 mm
  • 23.4 inches x 33.1 inches
You may see some pirated versions of these around eBay and other sites but don’t be fooled – they are not the same quality. Most of the counterfeit versions are created from magazine scans on cheap paper with poor quality ink outside of Australia – so don’t waste your money.

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