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In 2012, Robert Nailon, the legendary bodybuilding photographer, handed control of his photographic collection to his son, Scott Nailon. This collection encompasses a lifetime of photographic passion for bodybuilding – especially in Australia – and has been conceptualised into the Arnold Collection.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Though Robert Nailon was one of the pioneers in Australian bodybuilding, he was unlike others who were commonly focused solely on making money.

Robert was motivated by muscle and art. He spent countless hours in the gym, perfecting his body. When he arrived home from the gym, his drive was just as unwavering. He would spend hours on end drawing, painting, and printing photographs. After which he would send his photographs and the many articles he had written to magazines all around the world, promoting his passion – Australian Bodybuilding.

Naturally, Robert’s son, Scott, grew up in the gym with his father. They frequented Robert’s Gym in Randwick, New South Wales Australia.

Although Scott grew up in the gym, he didn’t truly discover the beauty of bodybuilding for himself until after Robert entrusted him with his photographic collection. By this time, the collection had grown into a much-coveted and rare jewel in the bodybuilding industry.

Before he handed the collection’s control over to his son, Robert Nailon had only ever entrusted the use of his photographs to the late Robert Kennedy of MuscleMag. Therefore, some of the photographs in the Arnold Collection have been published; however, the majority has been kept under lock and key until now.

Scott Nailon unveiled the Arnold Collection at FitX (Tony Doherty’s Fitness Expo) which has since been converted into the Arnold Sports Festival Australia and was very well received. Since FitX, the Arnold Collection has started work on the Arnold Schwarzenegger Memorabilia Collection Series, which is unparalleled by any other collection on the planet! This collection is a must-have for the serious Arnold fan. Although, it may lead to a lack of wall space (it’s that big)!

We hope you enjoy the Arnold Collection now and as more photographs and products debut. We invite you to see the legendary collection as it is revealed.