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Randwick Fitness Centre

in the 1970's

Barry Hart, Robert Nailon & Les Spendlove
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Randwick Gym was originally located in Coogee (Sydney Australia) and owned by Barry Hart. In 1975 Robert Nailon bought the gym from him and due to issues with the landlord moved it to Randwick into the lane behind what is now Marcellen College, just off Belmore Road, Randwick.

Robert operated the gym until 1991 when he sold it on to another gym enthusiast. It has since changed hands a few time and is now owned and operated by Wes Doyle of Vision PT who operates it as a personal training centre.

Since its opening in 1975 the gym has changed quite a lot, but many people have requested some photos of the original gym – a gym which has a treasured place in the memories of many people who made the gym a major part of their lives.

Due to his outgoing personality and friendliness, Robert has also hosted most of the greatest bodybuilders of all time in this gym for training sessions – not to mention photo shoots!

As Robert provides more information we will add it to the page!

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