The Arnold Collection

Hi, I’m Robert Nailon the Photographer. I took these photos of Arnold in Australia from 1972 to 1975. They were taken at Exhibitions and seminars at various contests and gyms.

The camera I used was a Mamiya RB67 using all the different lenses from 65mm wide angle to 360mm Telephoto.

The Film I used was Kodak TRI-X 120 400 ASA roll film with a negative size of 2′” x 2 & 3/4″ being a large size negative. Prints can be enlarged to 20″x24″, sharp with Low Grain.

In these photos Arnold was in Exhibition state (Not Contest Shape) and his body weight was around 235 – 240 lbs – with a light tan.

Prints will be made on Photographic Paper & signed on the back by the Photographer with the year it was taken also.

These prints are from the original Negatives NOT COPIES and are printed on Good Quality Photographic Paper, they ARE NOT printed by a BubbleJet or Laser Printer! There are no Dyes or Inks involved.

These prints are EXHIBITION Type Prints.

I hope you enjoy my work,

Robert Nailon

Click on the photos below for their larger version!

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