Arnold Schwarzenegger in Melbourne

These photos were taken in 1974 in Melbourne. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the guest star at the Mr. Southern Hemisphere in an old hall in one of the suburbs of Melbourne. Frank Burwash, gym owner and promoter ran the show. (Frank has since passed away after a battle with cancer – he will be missed)  Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t very good for taking photographs so I used a flash but I wasn’t happy.
The stage was also high which meant I was at a low angle – the worst for bodybuilding photography. I had bought extra film and special backs for the camera so that I could keep on clicking but all was in vain. At least I got something on film. It would be great to go back and shoot it agaion knowing how to avoid the mistakes and using a digital camera. Sometimes you can kick yourself for not seeing what you should have done. It was a special time in Bodybuilding; “The Golden Era” as Joe Gold said to me at the time, but I did get to photograph the young Arnold and the stars of the day. That was something special and unique. I am grateful that I was a part of that time in bodybuilding history. By Scott Nailon [widgetkit id=3]