The Arnold Classic Australia 2015

The Arnold Classic Australia 2015

Arnold Classic Australia   Arnold Classic Australia – What a rush! Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking over the world of bodybuilding one country at a time! We recently attended FitX, Tony Doherty’s Fitness Expo which has been running for the last 14 years. At the expo Tony announced that FitX & his IFBB PRO SHOW was being closed! What a shock!
The Arnold Sports Festival is an amazing event run from the United States which was started by Arnold Schwarzenegger as a part of his vision for a healthier humanity. You see, Arnold is an honourable man, he would never have competed with the Weider brothers whilst they were still alive. For this reason, he has stayed out of the supplement business along side other similar bodybuilding industries. But now the Weider brothers have both passed away (may they rest in peace) Arnold has nothing stopping him from hitting his full potential as the number 1 promoter of health and fitness in the world! He has proven himself time and time again to have a real passion in making the world a healthier place, now he is putting his money where his mouth is.

Arnold Classic AustraliaThe Arnold Classic Australia!

The great news is that Arnold Schwarzenegger has now partnered with Tony Doherty in The Arnold Classic Australia – in place of FitX and The IFBB Pro Show! Tony Doherty is the number 1 promoter of bodybuilding and associated sports in Australia, he has spent the last 14 years building his FitX Expo into the biggest and best Fitness event in Australia – which has obviously attracted quite a lot of attention from kindred spirit Arnold Schwarzenegger and business manager Bob Lorimer. I would say that after all of that hard work he has done, Tony deserves the opportunity which has been given to him. This means that the FitX that we all have grown to love will be growing to the extreme! More variety, more stalls to search through, more celebs and even more healthy food to buy! The Arnold Classic is already running in the USA, Rio De Janeiro and now The Arnold Classic Australia! The Arnold Classic will showcase up to 50 different sports! With Arnold’s permission, the Arnold Collection looks forward to the opportunity of working along side Arnold and his team in delivering the very best in Golden Era posters of Arnold (and maybe even some of the other bodybuilders of that era)! Congratulations Tony Doherty and good luck with the future! For more information please go to the Arnold Classic Website!

The Arnold Collection will be exhibiting at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne, Australia!

Stay Tuned for more information! The Arnold Classic 2015 was an exciting buzz of over 60,000 people! It was all go from the moment they started setting up until the moment the lights went out on Monday once it was all packed down. I would say that no one was disappointed with the turnout of talent in the booths or walking around the show. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself made a brief visit – even walked through the throngs of people who bustled around the event with the excitement and glee of a 14 year old at comicon! The Arnold Collection has some great volunteers on hand this year: we have Mark Goudie (our designer) with his girlfriend Ash Wilson, we had a young and talented bodybuilder / writer by the name of Alex Kelly (who was getting some interesting looks from some of the girls!!), as well as Dan Deltondo helping as well – one of the greatest “talent promotors” in Australia. We were visited by some of the biggest Arnold fans in Australia, people who could easily boast some of the biggest Arnold Collections in the country! Among them were Steve Miller, who was able to get multiple selfies with Arnold himself, Kat Sparky – an excited Arnold fan with a big heart, and John Ball – a gentleman of the previous generation who has purchased multiple rare products from our collection. As a team we would like to thank those who came to visit and support The Arnold Collection by purchasing our posters and memorabilia. We look forward to seeing you next year! Regards, Scott Nailon