Sydney Opera House 1974 Spot “Revisited”

Going back to 1974, was a cold April morning around 9-10am, Arnold had just just flown in at 6am that morning from Los Angeles.  The Opera House was only one year old and a great spot to take some photos. The best spot was over the Harbour Bridge at a little suburban place next to the bridge called Kirribilli.
Arnold SchwarzeneggerThere was a park just under the bridge which went all the way down beside the bridge and underneath, we met a journalist photographer at the spot.   I thought to myself “Let this guy take his pictures then I can concentrate on what I want to take.” I put together some basic shots, shooting a little more into the frame so I had room to crop for good photos later. I only took black-and-white because the weather was overcast and dull, even so I should have taken colour as you never get the chance again. Arnold SchwarzeneggerTo get the Opera House up close I had to use a telephoto lens.Arnold Schwarzenegger I took several shots (not enough) in different positions; it took about half an hour to get what I wanted but Arnold was getting impatient and wanted to put his clothes back on, as it was very cold and wanted to get settled in a motel and eat. 

Opera House Revisited 2014 “40 Years Later” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger After the last poster series was a sell-out success we decided to take a trip back over the bridge to see the iconic site and what it is today. Arnold Schwarzenegger Memorabilia The place has changed a bit since 1974, but is still very much the same, the seat that Arnold sat on has obviously been replaced and a fence has been placed around the skirts of the harbour. The whole park has been dug out with a road travelling around the skirts of the park and a car park has been put in place. From what I can remember it was a big park on a slight slope with a few seats and that was it. Arnold Schwarzenegger Time has gone very quick and the times have changed, this time I took my iPad for a couple of photos instead of my  “MAMIYA RB67” Film Camera. You can still purchase the photo which is now a piece of memorabilia from our store.  Spoken by Robert Nailon and published by Mark Goudie. Purchase Framed Print Memorabilia