Striving Towards My Goal

By Robert Nailon

My training routine and dietary habits were put together from the various articles that have appeared in magazines. I felt that these men have succeeded in developing their bodies and had enough training and eating habits after, all of which helped a great deal

I employed a six-day training routine based on Larry Scott’s program outlined in Muscular Development for arms and shoulders. I found it worked well in my case, with my shoulders and arms responding surprisingly. I trained them on Monday and Thursday. On Tuesday and Friday I exercised my legs and midsection, and on Wednesday and Saturday I worked my chest and back.

For my diet ideas I tried Frank Zane’s suggestions using low carbohydrates when in strict training for a contest or exhibition. He proved his idea by turning much of his overall smoothness into a really cut-up muscular physique, and apparently knows how to control his weight and size through his eating habits. I liked the idea.

For concentration on training I followed Schwarzenegger’s plan. While training he blocks out everything from his mind and concentrates only on what he’s doing, and manages to get the maximum out if each exercise he does.

It takes years to learn some of these facts about bodybuilding, but when you do, it makes training easier and results become more certain. All this means is that you must train harder, concentrate more on what you’re doing, exercise in strict fashion and eat nutritious food to help you gain weight and stay healthier. All this takes time, and for some it may take a little longer because they cannot devote 100% of their time to put together the facts that would do them the most good, and many don’t know which routine or which exercises suit them best. But once they discover this they seem to make better gains faster. And that’s all part of the game of training.

I first began training at early age. It took me some time before I showed any kind of improvement. Now I feel that I know how to train and how to reap more gains from my effort, so I may be able reach the goal that I have in mind faster. 

By Scott Nailon