Arnold Schwarzenegger

This is a great moment in time, an opportunity to attain an art work of enduring Quality

This is the first release of the rare photographic collection of Robert Nailon – one of the forefathers of Body-building in Australia, an avid and talented photographer and a close friend of Arnold Schwarzenegger! Robert had strong friendships with some of the greatest in bodybuilding, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, Lee Haney and many, many more.

Arnold SchwarzeneggerNow in his sixties (but still fit and stronger than a 25 year old), Robert has reluctantly agreed to share his collection with the world.

These (often) never before seen images are being made available for viewing and purchase. There is a catch though. He wants it done with respect for the subject!

This is why he will personally create each print requested in his own lab, to his artistic, meticulous & precise standards, using the original negative, on high grade photographic paper, applying the age-old skills now so lost in modern photography. We will then digitise the images, clean them up and enhance their quality therfore giving you the best possible images!

Robert has been doing this for over 50 years for his close friends & select gym owners. Now we will make these photos available for you.

These (often) never before seen images are being made available to the public.

After years of hiding these precious memories away, Robert has agreed to make this private collection available through his son (Scott Nailon). This is the first release. How many releases will follow is yet to be decided. Be assured however, there will be more photos released as time goes on. Join our facebook page in order to be kept up to date on our new release product ranges!

Please enjoy this powerful and intimate collection, and consider securing an image or more for yourself or a friend. This gift will be a quality and time-enduring statement; a recognition of one of the most accomplished and inspirational body-builders of all time, and an investment that will stand the test of time as well as growing in value.