Arnold Schwarzenegger Drawings & Sketches by Robert Nailon

sketchMost of the sketches were done between 1973 and 1975. A lot were unfinished which I still have and maybe next year I will finish off what I started and begin some different ones. I have seen some great sketches today done by very good artists, I especially like the exaggerated caricatures.
For the drawings I did in black and white I would use an HB pencil sometimes up to 2B. For colour, I used Derwent (English) Colour Pencils as they had multiple selection of colours and were soft to apply (when new). I still have these pencils today. I first bought them in 1968 in a large pencil display box. A good thing about Derwents is that you can buy them separately. There were many drawings that I did which were sold to a Gym owner in Melbourne. He had one in his office and put the rest in the gym. Unfortunately I did not photograph them so they are lost. There were some good exaggerated sketches, all different poses mostly of Arnold. I also did Larry Scott, Boyer Coe, Steve Reeves etc. I will eventually put all of them on this site.

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