Sydney Opera House 1974 Spot “Revisited”

Going back to 1974, was a cold April morning around 9-10am, Arnold had just just flown in at 6am that morning from Los Angeles. 

The Opera House was only one year old and a great spot to take some photos. The best spot was over the Harbour Bridge at a little suburban place next to the bridge called Kirribilli.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr NSW 1975 Australia

Arnold Schwarzenegger Guest Posing 1975 Australia


Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr NSW 1975 AustraliaIn 1975, The Mr NSW was held as a state championship for bodybuilding in Australia. At the time Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Australia and was asked to guest pose – he was happy to do so.

Robert Nailon, a good friend and photographer, just happened to be competing in the competition and decided to snap some photographs of Arnold doing the guest posing routine. Arnold was in very good shape that year so it was a fantastic exhibition!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger – Lifting the American Dream!

1It is hard to think about what Arnold Schwarzenegger has achieved is his life. Starting off as a professional bodybuilder – he began weight training at the age of only 15 – he is the true image of someone who can be successful in more areas.

Getting famous with being seven times Mr. Olympia champion, which is the highest degree of recognition a bodybuilder can get, he decided to go into acting. Even despite the start of his acting career, Arnold has simultaneously written many books and articles on the topic of weight lifting and bodybuilding.

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We have received a few requests for information from fans, information to forward to their gym – people seem to want to see our posters up on the wall where they train!

arnold-schwarzenegger-golden-arrow.fwIn response to the requests we have created a “Share It!” module on our site to the top right of the blog!

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