Arnold Schwarzenegger Hungry TShirts

Soon after The Arnold Collection was launched our graphic designer Mark Goudie made a design for “Staff Only” T-shirts.

Arnold Schwarzenegger TshirtWe had them printed and put them on whilst at the Arnold Sports Festival Australia…. And we got inundated with requests like “Hey bro where did you get that sweet T-shirt?” or “Ill buy that T-shirt off you right now for $50 – just swap t-shirts with me!”.

So we realised that it was a winner!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Collection Wallpapers and Backgrounds

fb-profile-picWe have seen a massive jump in fans on our Facebook fanpage! 

In the past 5 weeks since meeting with Arnold and starting to upload candid photos we have grown from 75 fans to over 3500 fans!

In response to the massive success we have seen we have done some work on images which will allow our fans to brand their favourite devices like home or work computers, iPads or iPhones.

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Link to The Arnold Collection

We have received questions about people being able to link to our website. Here is some code you can place on your website which will enable you to reference an image which links to our site.

The Code:
<a href=”” alt=”Arnold Schwarzenegger” title=”Arnold Schwarzenegger”><img src=”” alt=”Arnold Schwarzenegger”></a>

The image will look like this:

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We appreciate your link back to our website and are happy to give you a link to your Arnold Schwarzenegger related website if you would like us to!

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The Arnold Classic Australia 2015

Arnold Classic Australia


Arnold Classic Australia – What a rush! Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking over the world of bodybuilding one country at a time!

We recently attended FitX, Tony Doherty’s Fitness Expo which has been running for the last 14 years. At the expo Tony announced that FitX & his IFBB PRO SHOW was being closed! What a shock!

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