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Thanks Scott for the Arnold poster!


It is more than I expected. There are a lot of Arnold posters on the internet and I’ve been waiting for the day your father's photos would finally be available. I know the amazing clarity and focus of the photos your father took and I consider myself fortunate for getting photos from him over the last 20 years. But this poster is better than I could have wished for, I have an 8x10 of this shot from your father’s original negative, and the resolution of your poster is just as good. There will never be posters of this quality available anywhere I am sure. The paper quality is excellent and the right thickness.


You need to let people know about the quality from the original negative image, inks and the paper. These will become serious collector items for the future. I’m getting in before the price rise!
So how good is the poster? This is what happened:


The first day I framed it up and put it in the lounge room I had a group of real estate agents come through my house that I’m selling. As they were walking about I heard this loud thud/bang and I turned around, one of the agents had walked into my living room windows. There were about 15 agents laughing at the poor guy and he explained to me he that what had happened was that he couldn’t take his eyes off the Arnold poster and was so distracted that he walked into the window. He took your details!


I look forward to ordering your next poster!


Deepest Regards

Andrew Lock - IFBB Pro Judge

I would like to express my gratitude for the quality and professionalism of my recent purchase.


I found your online store and purchased some of your images from your “The Arnold Collection” and found the ordering process was quick, easy and on time.


The images I received were of the highest quality, well packaged and the size was just perfect. On opening the cylinder I was surprised to see the beautiful images of Arnold in his youthful days. I am in the process of framing the images and placing them in a prime position at our local gym.


I wanted to write to express my thanks for the quick turn around and for the quality of prints I received. The only slight problem was trying to get our patrons back to ‘working out’ as many spent their gym time staring at the photos and reminiscing about the old day.



As a young kid I trained in Robert's gym. Randwick Fitness Centre. I remember those days so clearly to day as if they were yesterday. Training with legends from everywhere! Robert Nailon always was there. He loved the gym and was always ready with a story or two from the old days. A few of us would train every day. Some won a few shows, some trained for fun and many just loved the atmosphere. 


Around the walls were images of the champions. Painted and photographed images of Arnold, Bill Pearl etc.

The gym was a place where everyone trained hard. This was an era where there were no mobile phones, no gym music and no wild routines. You trained hard heavy and long. 


I had the opportunity to see many of the original images you see today. The quality was so impressive. Some 30 years later I still have one or two of these photos. If mine can last that long then with modern print qualities I can tell you that they will last a lifetime. I always liked the Opera House shot. Buy one or buy a few. Imagine the one and only just above the bench press in your house.


Thanks Rob for providing us with memories from the real bodybuilding era.


Again thanks for the memories


John OConnor

Thank you for releasing Training Routines for the Golden Era of Bodybuilding by Robert Nailon in eBook format! Nailon has given us a very inspirational look at the world and workouts of bodybuilding during the Golden Era. Robert Nailon offers a fantastic quick read that outlines training routines for those who want to gain muscle or lose some weight.


Training Routines for the Golden Era of Bodybuilding is inspirational and motivational for those just wanting to get fit, those who are just beginning a life of bodybuilding, and those who are advanced in bodybuilding. I found Nailon’s descriptions of his training methods and examples of how he has encouraged and helped others develop training routines particularly helpful and insightful.


Thank you again for releasing Training Routines for the Golden Era of Bodybuilding in eBook format. With its encouraging tone and helpful hints along the way, I am very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to future publications!  


Chad Pickeral