robertandarnoldatcoogeegymIn 1963 Robert entered his first body building competition, Mr. Australia (Junior). This was the culmination of his displeasure at being a 'skinny little kid'. Since that time he has developed a system firstly designed to assist body builders and later to help customers at his own gym either build up, trim down, get fit or whatever it was that their goals were.

During 12 years of competition Robert came into contact and trained with many of the greats of the body building world such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, Dave Draper and Reg Park. As such he has benefited from many of the best of the fitness industry from around the world.

At the end of his competitive career Robert decided to open his own gym. In 1975 he opened the Randwick Fitness Centre and began to pass on the experience he had gained and developed during his years of competition. Through a regime of diet and light exercise Roberts' clients have achieved amazing results. More recently he has moved out of the personal fitness industry into a much deserved and very busy retirement!

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 Below are some comments made about Robert:

Not many people have got to know the greats of Bodybuilding but Robert has created a relationship with most. Guys like Zane, Franco, Platz, Arnold, Reg Park and Bill Pearl to name a few all speak of Robert the same way that I do when I mention his name, and it is of no wonder. Robert Nailon to me it what bodybuilding is all about. He has a true passion for bodybuilding and has amazing stories of the golden era that only a few know of. Luckily, he captured many of these moments, and more, on film. His published and unseen exclusive images of the greats, such as Arnold, are definitely ones to be collected and treasured. An amazing bodybuilder himself, Robert truly understands how to capture physique photography at its best. I am proud to call Robert a friend with a humble attitude that lasts lifetimes, just as his images.

Kris Gethin

If anyone should ever write a history of Australian body building, the name Robert Nailon will feature prominently. This popular gym owner and artistic body builder photographer has not only won the Mr. NSW title and received numerous Australian best poser awards, he is also recognised internationally because of several appearances on covers of American and English muscle magazines and as the official face (and body) of 'bullworker' body building equipment. A friend and training partner of legendary greats as Pearl, Scott and Schwarzenegger, Robert has been an inspiration and source of valuable nutritional and psychological information to all of us long acquainted with the world of muscular development.

Roger Morrison
MA (HONS) Former Gym Owner

...I've always been your number one fan. You know I have always regarded you as the world's most knowledgeable trainer.

Robert Kennedy
Muscle Mag International

Robert Nailon is the one of most talented and artistic men I've ever had the pleasure to know in bodybuilding. He is not only a top caliber photographer, who has shot some of the greatest icons of the golden age of bodybuilding, but he is also a wonderful artist. As a bodybuilder, he wasn't too shabby, either! His photographs are, without question, works of art of the highest magnitude.

Jerry Brainum
International Bodybuilding Author

What a wonderful friend! I remember reading about Robert Nailon in the physique magazines, many years ago. He bore a remarkable resemblance, to TV Star “Mickey Dolenz” from the popular television show “The Monkees”.
Not only was Robert a great bodybuilder, but writer, photographer, gym owner and artist, among being one of the nicest people in bodybuilding… that I’ve ever met. His physique was the closest to a Larry Scott, that I’ve ever seen.
I’d love for him to write a book on his experience, inside the world of bodybuilding, including many of the photos of his once famous gym and the stars that trained with him there, along with his magnificent artwork.
His tips of training alone… would make a fantastic contribution to the sport and industry.
All the best to my friend Robert! Life is a richer experience from knowing you.

Steve Speyrer
Classic Anatomy Gym





Robert Nailon @ 17 years of age

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