Great News! We have a new set of posters for sale!

The first lot of posters we made had a limited number and are now gone! We now have a better set which are much more exciting!


Well, we have been very hard at work collecting photographs from Robert Nailon and spent a lot of time in digital enhancing the images for the sake of printing them out as high quality posters. The images have not been modified in any way only digitally restored. 

Our FIRST ever poster release is finally here! Click on the poster image to the right to see where you can buy one!

The prices vary due to the images you want to buy, for our full sized images of Arnold Schwarzengger you may pay a higher amount but all pricing includes shipping world wide!

We will be releasing as many as we can for our die hard Arnold Schwarzenegger fans! We also have one of Arnold's personal favourites coming - so stay tuned!

Find out why we are releasing these rarely seen photos as posters in the article below!

123You see, the problem for fitness enthusiasts is that many of you pay out a large amount of your income toward supplements and other important dietary related products. In response to this issue we have come up with a way that anyone can have a great shot of Arnold on their wall.

We have started working on our own Arnold Schwarzenegger poster series!

We sent two of our favourite images for test printing last week and only just got back the results, I must say that our Marketing Director / photo editor (Mark Goudie) bounced around the office like an ADHD kid on red cordial He loved the results and workmanship.

The results of our test print were sensational, in fact I blue-tacked the posters onto the walls of my web design office so that I could take photos and ended up keeping them there.

poster-advertOur new Arnold Schwarzenegger posters look fantastic! We chose the two images shown in the photos on this page and resized them up to A1 (594x841mm) and A0 (1189x841mm) in size!

These are not the end product, rather they are raw images printed, our posters will be much nicer with design elements to enhance them.

Our aim in all of this is simple: if we can get enough interest in these posters we will make an order and start selling!

So, on the bottom of this page is a form, if you are serious then fill it out choosing what you want to buy, when we see enough interest we will contact you and allow you to purchase your order! We will put out images of the finished product soon. Watch this space and our Facebook page!