Share The Arnold Collection!

We have received a few requests for information from fans, information to forward to their gym - people seem to want to see our posters up on the wall where they train!

arnold-schwarzenegger-golden-arrow.fwIn response to the requests we have created a "Share It!" module on our site to the top right of the blog!

When you enter the email address of another person they will receive the following email in their inbox & be added to our future release mailing list!

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Fat Burners

scott-and-matt-platinumlabsI recently attended the FitX fitness Expo by Tony Doherty - I attended as a stall holder with my Arnold Schwarzenegger posters.

Whilst I was there I got talking to Matt from Platinum Labs. He was telling me how his Optiburn fat burner product is great, as usual I nodded and agreed not thinking much of it.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blueprint Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger has released a new training blueprint by the look of it!

This should be a great guide to training and nutrition for those who really want to get fit and healthy! And who better to guide us in such a journey?

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The Black Series - Arnold Schwarzenegger

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'The Black Series' was part of a photo shoot in 1974 meant to be for a product made by a company called “Bullworker”. Although the business deal did not go ahead, the photos were archived and soon they are to be made available for public purchase.

It was a hot and humid Autumn day in April 1974 when Robert Nailon set up in his studio located in the suburb of Kingsford, Sydney, Australia.

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