Arnold Schwarzenegger Posters

Great News! We have a new set of posters for sale!

The first lot of posters we made had a limited number and are now gone! We now have a better set which are much more exciting!


Well, we have been very hard at work collecting photographs from Robert Nailon and spent a lot of time in digital enhancing the images for the sake of printing them out as high quality posters. The images have not been modified in any way only digitally restored. 

Our FIRST ever poster release is finally here! Click on the poster image to the right to see where you can buy one!

The prices vary due to the images you want to buy, for our full sized images of Arnold Schwarzengger you may pay a higher amount but all pricing includes shipping world wide!

We will be releasing as many as we can for our die hard Arnold Schwarzenegger fans! We also have one of Arnold's personal favourites coming - so stay tuned!

Find out why we are releasing these rarely seen photos as posters in the article below!

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in Melbourne

These photos were taken in 1974 in Melbourne. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the guest star at the Mr. Southern Hemisphere in an old hall in one of the suburbs of Melbourne. Frank Burwash, gym owner and promoter ran the show. (Frank has since passed away after a battle with cancer - he will be missed) 

Unfortunately, the lighting wasn’t very good for taking photographs so I used a flash but I wasn’t happy.

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Randwick Fitness Center

Randwick Gym was originally located in Coogee (sydney) and owned by Barry Hart. In 1975 Robert Nailon bought the gym from him and due to issues with the landlord moved it to Randwick into the lane behind what is now Marcellen College, just off Belmore Road, Randwick.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Drawings & Sketches by Robert Nailon

sketchMost of the sketches were done between 1973 and 1975.

A lot were unfinished which I still have and maybe next year I will finish off what I started and begin some different ones. I have seen some great sketches today done by very good artists, I especially like the exaggerated caricatures.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger - TheArnoldFans Q & A Interview

Robert Nailon with Arnold SchwarzeneggerAround the time Robert Nailon had his breif meeting with Arnold in 2013 we were in contact with, we were asked if Robert wouldn't mind answering some questions for the fans!

So true to his form Robert was only too happy to share! 

Below are the answers to the questions asked, we hope these answers give you more insight into the man, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

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