• mem-Arnold-Schwarzenegger-1975MrNSW-singlebicep
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Side Chest
  • Arnold-Schwarzenegger-1975MrNSW-pointed-pose
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Standing Casual Coogee Gym
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  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Luna Park Hall of Mirrors
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Double Bicep Operahouse
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger coogee seated
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Single Bicep Black Series

Finally Robert Nailon's vault of Personal Arnold photos is being opened to the public!

Robert Nailon & Arnold Schwarzenegger first met in 1972 when Bob Bruce first flew Arnold into Australia for a bodybuilding exhibition. When Arnold arrived at Sydney Airport Robert went out with his girlfriend and movie camera. He didn't know at that point that Arnold had seen photos of Robert in the English bodybuilding Magazines. When Arnold saw Robert he said "Hi Robert" and from then on an honest and sincere friendship started, one which led to many great memories and the taking of many great photographs of Arnold!

For the first time ever you can now purchase images taken directly from Robert's Personal Collection as framed memorabilia! Don't miss out on this important piece of Australian Bodybuilding history! 

Robert Nailon is the one of most talented and artistic men I've ever had the pleasure to know in bodybuilding. He is not only a top caliber photographer, who has shot some of the greatest icons of the golden age of bodybuilding, but he is also a wonderful artist. As a bodybuilder, he wasn't too shabby, either! His photographs are, without question, works of art of the highest magnitude.

Jerry Brainum
International Bodybuilding Author

Not many people have got to know the greats of Bodybuilding but Robert has created a relationship with most.

Guys like Frank Zane, Franco Columbo, Tom Platz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Reg Park and Bill Pearl to name a few all speak of Robert the same way that I do when I mention his name, and it is of no wonder. Robert Nailon to me is what bodybuilding is all about. He has a true passion for bodybuilding and has amazing stories of the golden era that only a few know of. Luckily, he captured many of these moments, and more, on film. His published and unseen exclusive images of the greats, such as Arnold, are definitely ones to be collected and treasured. An amazing bodybuilder himself, Robert truly understands how to capture physique photography at its best. I am proud to call Robert a friend with a humble attitude that lasts lifetimes, just as his images.

Kris Gethin